Happy New Year, Hoping For Your Great Growing Season!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that you all have had a fantastic holiday and you’re ready to bring in the new year!

With this subtle shift into the new year, it’s remarkable how our minds immediately begin thinking about growing again. While we’re still months away from even getting started, the shift into the new year sort of gives us “mental permission” to ponder what our next growing season might look like.

We are truly stunned sometimes by the natural beauty that living in the subarctic brings. These days where basically sunrise and sunset happen at the same time are some of the most gorgeous there are. While we do love our summers, we do think winter’s beauty wins the contest overall.

While we’re just a little bit past winter solstice, we are noticing just a little more sunlight basking upon our days. We welcome sunset occurring after 3PM, at least! It’s hard to believe that in not that long, we’ll be inundated with light again, still well before the thaw.

We hope that your 2024 is filled with those things you need in life, whatever they may be. If you’re into resolutions, we hope you hold true to yours. May your new year be blessed, productive and may the cards fall in your favor!

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