Our 2024 Seed Order Is Finally In!

Woohoo! Our 2024 seed orders are in!

As usual, we are pretty excited about this year’s seed order. We are trying quite a few new varieties this year, along with a number of staples that we wouldn’t dare to change.

One of the big changes we are making to our greenhouse this year will be to dedicate two growing spots purely for tomato variety trials. We’ve kind of slacked in years past, sometimes it’s hard to change up what really works for you. But, the goal is to have a different trial each season, exclusively for tomato types you don’t find on those “variety lists.” We’ll share more on that in due time!

It’s hard to believe that in about a month from now, we’ll be firing up the grow room again. With the sun higher in the sky every day, we are getting excited about spring and bringing hundreds of plants to life again.

Hopefully you all are getting excited, too. We are looking forward to growing with you all again this season!

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