Double Check Those Seed Orders Before It’s Too Late!

We generally try to do an accounting of our seed orders, just to make sure we got everything we had originally planned. Usually, everything checks out. Turns out, that little bit of extra work saved our bacon this year.

We missed a big one! We are planning on expanding our greenhouse grown cucumber crop this year by quite a margin. It’d be boring to just do one kind of cuke, though. (Even though Mini Munch would be a solid choice!) We had intended to get a few different varieties to get a bit of a side by side trial on.

Guess what we didn’t find in our seed order? Yep, that plan entirely! We don’t even know what happened…it was on the list!

So, if you’ve ordered a bunch of seeds this year, it might be worth taking a few minutes just to make sure you actually did what you thought you did.

And of course we can’t go seed shopping (ahem, a second time) without “a little of this and oooh would you look at that!” We found something we’re excited to tell you about later. But we’ll get to that in due time! Can’t spill all our secrets before we’ve even started growing. Obscure hint? It’s something we’ve featured before, but have never grown from seed ourselves!

That’s All We Wrote!

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