Our First Seedlings Of The 2024 Growing Season!

Well, we’ve been quite under the weather the last few days. Sometimes it can be really, really hard to motivate yourself to do the garden work when you’re not feeling well. It’s days like this that we can appreciate why many people don’t even bother growing their own food at all. It’s hard sometimes.

It appears the universe was listening to our pain, though. As I fought through the body aches to water our new seedlings last night, I noticed our first seedlings of the season have popped! We are officially proud plant parents again, and these are just the first of many hundred to come!

Perhaps it’s the fever riddled brain talking, but I really appreciate the apparent simplicity of plants. Put some seeds in soil, add a little water and shortly thereafter you have new, beaming life. Yet, behind that apparent simplicity is an extremely complex chain of reactions, chemical changes, biologic processes and this fascinating thing called photosynthesis. What is seemingly simple even challenges modern science, every year we encounter some aspect of plant biology that isn’t understood in the modern scientific realm.

I felt myself become a little jealous of our newly hatched plants, seemingly immune from the ailments that us humans face. But, then I remembered that plants must face the gamut, too. Even if you care for your plants with the utmost attention, sometimes something will “get them” and for a plant, that often means “the end.” It’s not so easy being a plant, either, I guess.

It’s exactly this complexity that I think draws really smart people to growing. People that don’t grow often don’t “get” our fascination with it, or why we’d apply our skill sets to such “simple” things. What those people don’t know is there’s practically an infinite number of things that can draw your attention when it comes to growing plants! We can absolutely attest, since we write about these things for practically six months out of the year and rarely run out of inspiration! The only thing we run out of is energy!

To resurrect something from our 8-bit past, it’s on like Donkey Kong over here!

That’s All We Wrote!

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