Using A Pressure Sprayer To Water Seedlings

Every season we talk about this. And every season, we get a few more people on board. Then, usually later in the season, we get a thank you note or two about how we changed their lives.

If you’re still using a regular old hand sprayer to water your seedlings, allow us to change your life! You can find these little pressure sprayers at the big box stores and let me tell you, they make all the world of difference! Simply fill them with 56 ounces of water, give them a few pumps and then spray your seedlings until your heart’s content! They put down a nice, fine mist and are plenty gentle on your seedlings. And, perhaps surprisingly, you can still find these for like 10 bucks.

This little guy makes watering our seedling a breeze. We don’t have to fight carpal tunnel or fatigue after watering several trays. We can easily lay down the right amount of water for our seedlings, something a lot of gardeners tend to under-do in the early stages. (We’re going to talk about this more in a couple of days.)

We’ve had to do a little bit of maintenance on ours over the years, it’s really quite simple. There’s just some basic O-rings and wiping them down with a food safe lube (like keg lube, for example) keeps them in working order. Our unit is probably better than 10 years old now and is still going strong.

We like them so much we have a couple of them. One is dedicated to our indoor garden and the other gets used for occasionally misting our houseplants. You can also use them if you keep worms, they’re great for keeping your bedding well hydrated. Plus, once you start using them, you won’t want to be 2 seconds without one, so having a backup is nice!

If you’ve switched over to a pressure sprayer for watering your seedlings because of us, do let us know!

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