The Countdown To Summer Is On, 15 Hours Of Daylight!

Well, we’re 10 weeks to our expected last frost. Things are really starting to ramp up in our indoor garden these days! We’re a little bit over 600 seeds in the dirt at this point and have a couple hundred plants in various stages as well.

We’re expecting to be transplanting imminently. And it’s only going to get much, much busier in the coming weeks.

We’re really getting excited for the pending summer. Temperatures are just starting to get above freezing here, the snow is just beginning to recede and it’s looking like we might have an opportunity for a nice, possibly early spring.

One of the things we love about gardening is how it gives us a near absolute countdown to the inevitable thaw and subsequent summer season. Syncing our lives to a seed starting schedule, we’re practically counting the literal days to that time. We aren’t wondering “if” the snow will go away or the cold temperatures will recede, to us it’s only a matter of the nuance on exactly when that’ll happen.

As many of you northerners know, our winters are long. Some of them break you, physically and mentally. We’ve found gardening to be excellent for our mental health, allowing for a slow, mediated recovery from even the harshest of winters. Those little plants give us certainty that there are better days ahead.

It’s an awkward time here in the north. Our daylight has returned, up here at 65 north we’re pushing up against 15 hour days all ready. Yet, we still have feet of snow in our way. But, it’s all coming to an end. And soon!

We’re getting pumped for summer. Hope you are, too!

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