EVENT: Frosty Garden Visits Anchorage April 7th! Come See Us!

If you’re in the Anchorage area, you’re going to want to check out this one out! We’re coming to see you on April 4th! We’ll be giving a talk on the gamut of cold climate growing for the Anchorage Garden Club on Thursday, April 4th at 7PM!

Central Lutheran Church
Corner of West 15th Ave. & Cordova St.
1420 Cordova St.
Anchorage, AK 99501

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We’ll be covering a fair bit of ground with this talk. Whether this is your first growing season or you’ve been growing here for decades, you’ll likely get something from our presentation. We like to make these talks about the synthesis of our understanding about growing in extreme northern climates! And it’s entirely geared towards urban and semi-urban, family scale food production!

If you’ve never been to a garden club, this is a low pressure chance to check yours out. We always encourage folks to get involved with their local club, community garden or some kind of social outlet for real world, social gardening. It’s an opportunity to chat with other gardeners, learn lots of tips and tricks and even meet with folks like us!

The general plan is to chat for about 45 minutes, then offer about 15 minutes for Q&A. We’re happy to entertain any kinds of questions across the gardening spectrum!

We hope that you can make it. This is entirely open to the public, of course, but we do encourage (optional) support of the Anchorage Garden Club. Oh, yeah, and we’ll have some cool stickers for you, too!

Hope to meet you and we’re looking forward to another successful talk this year!

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