8 Weeks To Last Frost, The Moment Of No Return For “From Seed” Growers

Wake up, wake up, all you slumbered gardeners! We know the winter’s trance has cast a spell upon you. But, you must wake up.

We are approaching the time where, if you’re going to grow from seed, the time is now. Eight weeks to last frost is the moment of no return, the time where if you want to grow things from seed you simply cannot sleep in!

The next few weeks are some of our busiest throughout the entire early growing season. We’re sowing more seeds during this time than the rest of the entire sowing season, combined! Your brassicas, your lettuces, your herbs, your tomatoes and peppers! Oh, and almost all of those flowers! All of these, and many more, are going into the soil over the next few weeks.

So, if you skipped out on all those early sows like onions, leeks and other early seeds, it’s time to break out the growing gear and get started! If you haven’t been checking us out recently, we’ve been throwing down tons of helpful tips for growing from seed and you might have missed some stuff. And of course, we’ve got a sowing schedule to help guide you, which you’ll find linked in the comments.

If you’re planning on using winter sowing techniques, this is also the time where you want to start thinking about going through that process. While we don’t practice this method ourselves, it is a great way to get into growing from seed if you don’t have space for an indoor grow room. It’s a fantastic way to get brassicas, lettuce, mustards, spinach and similar plants to grow from seed in northern climates.

While the next few weeks do put a lot of pressure on us as larger scale growers, we can only remain positive. We’re just weeks away from things really starting to warm up and around 45 days from starting to get our 2024 garden in the ground! The brief interlude of “spring” will quickly shift into summer and we’ll again be in the thick of it. This all goes down super fast, so before we know it, we’ll be gardening “for real” again!

We know some of you are working on your very first garden this year! We are so excited for you and we hope you’re learning things by the minute! And we’re also proud of you for taking it on, choosing to learn how to grow and we encourage you to keep going at it. We know it can be intimidating and sometimes it can be hard to be sure of yourself. But, soon, you’ll see how it all comes together and you’ll have your very first garden underway! And we’ll try to have many encouraging words for you along the way!

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