Gardening Mistakes, You’re Going To Make A Lot Of Them!

So, we’re going to talk about gardening mistakes. We, again, screwed up this year. Fortunately, it wasn’t quite as massive as completely forgetting to sow violas like we did last year. We’re still shaking our head on that one since it’s one of our favorite flowers!

You see, we have a very strong practice of labeling our plants and we encourage the same with you all. Different varieties look alike, there’s usually no great ways to distinguish them. When it comes to brassicas, especially, they’ll all look indistinguishable until much later in their growth, once their “defining” characteristics start to show. So, labeling is very important, at least if you want to keep track of anything.

If you notice what’s missing in this picture, it’s plants without a label. We know they are tomatoes, of course, but weeks after sowing them…what kind? This stupid stuff matters! Fortunately, in this case, we can deduce what it is because we failed to label only one of the six varieties we grew. But trust us, it’s easy to get into much worse situations with labeling!

What we want to say is that we make mistakes pretty much every year. Some are catastrophically bad, most are usually quite minor. But, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been growing for 25 years and have “excellent” practices, sometimes you’re going to mess up! Even if you create practices to prevent every possible mistake, you’re only going to find out just how many more ways you can make a mistake! Some of you might question some of our practices and we’ll tell you, many of them are rooted in those mistakes!

Whether you’re just getting into gardening or you’ve been at it for decades, you are going to make errors! You’re going to screw up. Sometimes really badly! This stuff is a bit harder than it looks and there’s a zillion ways to go awry.

It’s going to be OK. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn, a chance to gain wisdom. It’s the universe’s way of helping you to become a better gardener! We’ll tell you, we’ve personally caused the demise of more plants than we’d ever care to publicly admit! And every one of them made us a better grower, more in tune with the process! It doesn’t mean you’re bad at growing plants, it just means you’re human.

So, if you’ve screwed up this season, you gotta let it go. What matters is you get back on the horse and keep riding. Learn from those mistakes and become a better grower!

And guess what? We remembered to sow violas this year! Hooray!

That’s All We Wrote!

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