Seven Weeks To Last Frost, The Pressure Is Here!

And we are seven weeks to our last frost! We are definitely starting to see the pressures on our indoor growing space. We’re all ready up to about 1,000 plants in germination, seedling stages or various growth stages! Space is getting tighter by the week and we’re all ready looking at our next major growing space expansion!

With daytime temps still in the 20’s, we’re not yet ready to start kicking our plants outside. But, we’ll definitely be looking at this soon! This time of year can be highly variable, from being way too cold to even consider getting our plants into our heated greenhouse to being just right. This season looks like it’s going to go easier on us, fortunately!

Looking at our expected temperatures, it’s looking like we might be able to fire up our greenhouse quite soon. This means we’ll begin our hardening off processes later this next week, which we’ll certainly be talking about more! So, if all goes according to plan, we’ll start to have some of our plants under the sun by next weekend!

While it looks like we’ll be lucky this year, we’ve been around the subarctic growing game long enough to know some seasons throw more challenge than others. This is one of the reasons that we’ve scaled our indoor growing spaces to nearly 100% of our indoor growing effort. While it’s great if we can get things outdoors sooner, some seasons (like last year), our plants are stuck indoors well into May. Just like living in the subarctic, growing here generally goes better if you’re well prepared!

We’re definitely in the thick of a lot of sowing and transplanting these days. A lot of things are about to be going down over the next few weeks! We might still have a fair bit of snow on the ground here, but we’re only a few weeks away from preparing our gardens and getting our hands dirty!

We hope all you are getting excited about the upcoming garden season! We are getting so close now, it’ll be here before we know it!

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