Using Our Greenhouse For Winter Garden Storage

We did this last year and a lot of you seemed to enjoy a little behind the scenes look into our winter storage methods for much of our gardening “stuff.” We’re not saying you’re weird for liking this kind of content or anything, it’s just an odd quirk we noticed about you all. In all seriousness, though, we sometimes like to show that we’re just “regular people” that have a serious passion for growing. And yes, our greenhouse is an absolute disaster right now! (So don’t feel so bad if yours is, too!)

Plus, this is one of the last times we’ll be able to show it to you in its dormant, winter state! We are planning on transforming our greenhouse into a seedling haven starting this weekend!

One of the unforeseen benefits of a greenhouse is that it can be an excellent storage space for gardening gear over the long winter months. We definitely use ours for this purpose and its been excellent at giving us a relatively protected space for our gear. We use it store practically everything growing related. Growing containers, inserts, pots, hoses, 1020 trays and pretty much every piece of gear we use in our growing hobby. We do protect sensible things like grow lights indoors, of course, so we’re generally “smart” about it.

This is really nice since we have just one space where we have to go for everything, especially in the early season. We never have to hunt around and figure out where we stored our pots, trays or whatever. It’s all in here! We really can’t tell you how much of a benefit this is compared to, well, let’s just call it our “past disorganized selves.”

If you’re thinking about building a greenhouse someday, don’t overlook this use case! Having your greenhouse out in the back forty where it might be buried by feet of snow might impact your ability to use it as functional storage. We’ve learned to “do the work” to keep our greenhouse generally accessible over the winter. We rarely need access to it in the winter months, but it’s often a pain to move feet upon feet of snow, all at once, when you really do need that access in the spring.

The bad news is, once we need to transform our greenhouse into a growing space again, all this stuff has to go somewhere. In years past, we just put most things outside. But, this is a concession we have to make since we simply don’t have gobs of storage space, especially for a “big hobby” like gardening.

We’ll be talking more about our greenhouse in the coming days. We’ve done some interesting things to it that are right up the alley of you cold climate growers and you might be interested to learn about our methods!
We’ll have plants in here by this weekend! And we are really looking forward to it!

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