VIDEO: A Lecture On Food Production In Extreme Northern Climates

We’re not going to put this one out to the bulk of our social media channels, but we figured some of our website readers might appreciate it.

This was a lecture we gave for the Anchorage Gardening Club in March of 2024.  We’ve been doing this kind of talk in various towns and cities across Alaska.

We don’t get a lot of opportunities to more broadly cover the topic of cold climate gardening and the general techniques that we use.  So, this is kind of an “all in one” package, unlike what we produce elsewhere.

It starts with the foundation, plant temperature tolerance and various things we can learn about plants from that. We then dive into climate, weather, first/last frosts, microclimates and all the complicated environmental factors that go into gardening successfully in colder climates. We then cover a number of general cold climate gardening techniques and methods you can use. From there, we discuss the techniques that we use, basically covering our specific growing methods and philosophies. We wrap everything up with a few tips and tricks for both beginner and advanced gardeners.

We hope that you enjoy!

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