Differences Between Early & Late Sown Seeds

Well, things are really popping off around here! We’ve got seeds germinating by the hour, it seems!

One of the stark differences between those “early season” and “late season” sown seeds is both how quickly they germinate and the rate at which they grow. Those early season sows really take their time, but you’re probably observing that is not the case with your more recent sows! It’s not uncommon to see those late season sows germinate in 24 to 48 hours! Next thing you know, they’re an inch tall!

This characteristic is inherently the reason behind why using a seed sowing schedule is so important. Different types of plants have very different germination times and growing rates. The sowing schedule helps us counter those differences so that, roughly, our plants are of adequate transplant size once we get to our actual garden.

We always get a chuckle from folks when they proudly declare they’re going to “get ahead” and start something like zucchini 8 weeks to last frost. We usually bite our tongue anymore as the life lesson is inevitable. The ones really worth their salt usually end up declaring emergency, fully admit their mistake and caution others against their formerly offered “advice.” It happens every year!

We fully admit, back in our “early days” of growing, we weren’t nearly as rigid with our planting schedules as we are today. And there is a lot of latitude one can exercise, we often say that most things in growing are not about precision. But, we have had to introduce degrees of precision, care and timing simply to get to the scale we’re at. Growing over 1,000 garden starts indoors is no joke and there’s only room for so many mistakes.

The great thing about gardening, from our perspective, is that you get a chance to learn every year. If you’ve got a jungle of craziness going on from starting things way too early, there’s always next season to get a little better at it. Gardening is one of those things that offers a lifetime of experience and learning opportunity. There is no such thing as knowing everything!

So, if you’re one of those that tried to cheat the system, get ahead and are now regretting your life choices? We’re not going to beat you up. Gardening is one of those things that’s going to throw you down to the mat your entire life. We certainly don’t need to fill that role! Just focus on learning and that’s the best possible thing you can do!

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