Solving Common Problems With Seed Germination & Early Seedling Growth


Since a lot of you have either started some seeds or will soon be doing so, it’s important for us to cover the common problems that can happen with the germination process.

This article is a deep dive into almost all of the common issues that gardeners face during the earliest phase of growing from seed. Germination and early growth is possibly one of the toughest parts about growing from seed. This stage is often where some new gardeners give up and we don’t want to see that happen! Though we often “pepper” this advice throughout our various posts, this is all you need to know consolidated into one spot!

If you’ve experienced issues with germination and very early plant growth, be sure to take this article for a spin. There’s quite a few things worth considering (we say 9, but it’s at least 11 now!) and our tips will help you navigate towards being an extremely successful seed sower!

Good luck with getting those little babies to full size, it’s sure an accomplishment when you do so!

9 Common Problems With Vegetable Seed Germination

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