Calling All New “From Seed” Growers, Our Intro To Seed Starting

Well, thank you all for saying hello to our official garden season opening post yesterday!

Calling all you new “from seed” growers this year! As experienced indoor growers that grow hundreds of garden starts every year, we can appreciate the learning curve that you’re about to try to ascend. We have a two part in-depth series of articles that talk about growing garden starts from seed, beginning to end.

We’re guessing you instinctively know hat you’re likely going to need to grow your plants indoors, given the cold and heavy snow outside. You also might think it’s pretty “easy” to grow from seed. Just get some dirt, plop some seeds and add water. Right?

Well, there’s a bit more to it. It both is, and isn’t, just that.

We put a fair bit of effort in trying to “short circuit” your learning curve in growing from seed. In this introductory article, we cover a lot of the very basics of raising garden starts indoors in an extreme cold climate. From building a growing space and the other equipment you’ll likely need, to covering how much growing space you’re ACTUALLY going to need, we try to hit all the major points. The rule of “you don’t know what you don’t know” definitely applies to growing from seed!

We still remember our earliest days of growing from seed. It was a lot of chaos, followed by mistake after mistake. When you look at our process today, it’s smooth, well designed and rarely causes us to run into issues. You don’t get there overnight, but rather through practice every season. Our goal with these kinds of articles is to help you make that jump from beginner to expert more quickly. We likely can’t help you from making every mistake, but we can help you realize that you’re climbing a mountain, not a small hill.

We definitely aren’t trying to scare you away. Learning to grow from seed is one of the skillsets we are most proud of. It’s definitely what puts us at the top of several folks list of, “People you want with you during the zombie apocalypse.” We just didn’t appreciate the depths of growing from seed and it took us many years of evaluating and re-evaluating things to get really good at it. We also made a lot of equipment mistakes and could have saved a ton of money in hindsight.

So, if you’re interested in our our take on growing from seed, you’re going to want to check out this article!

Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden Starts Indoors In Cold Climates

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