It’s remarkable that is just over a year old this month.  As of yesterday, this blog celebrated its first birthday! We’re starting to take the blog a bit more seriously this year and have put time into what are hopefully helpful reads.  I think it’s more that we now have a super-successful sub-arctic garden [...]

It’s the beginning of March, which means it’s officially gardening season!  While it may not seem like it, given that we’re combating -30 degree temperatures at night, spring will be here before we know it!  I don’t know about you, but we are ready to be done with the snow and the cold!  It is silly [...]

It’s seriously hard to think that garden season is right around the corner.  At the moment, we have almost 4 feet of snow in the yard, snow in the forecast and the coming weeks are expected to bring -20 to -30 degree temperatures.  I’ll tell you, though, we’re looking forward to being done with winter [...]

We really have good intentions for this blog, but wow is it a lot of work to keep up with general life, blogs, travel and a 1,600 square foot garden.  My apologies for the lack of updates through early June, we were simply overwhelmed and spent our spare time gardening along with all the other [...]

The last week of our gardening adventure in Fairbanks, AK has been a roller coaster, but we’re happy to report that everything worked out much better than we expected.  It turned out there was quite a waiting list to get into the Fairbanks Community Garden.  With only 10 plots available, nearly 25 people had signed [...]

Things are really starting to come together for our garden here this year.  Just a month ago, we really had no idea where we were going to be gardening, yet we’ve got over 400 garden starts in progress!  With one month until last frost here in Fairbanks, we’re starting to have a lot more clarity [...]

It’s time for a “state of the garden” post!  It was March 26th, 2016 that we planted our first seeds of the season with parsley, rosemary and petunia’s going into the trays.  We’re currently about seven weeks out to last frost, so things are heating up literally and figuratively.  The spare bedroom/office where we’re running [...]

This will be our first time gardening in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Although we do have a fair bit of experience in cold climates, particularly Montana, there’s some relative differences compared to what we’re used to.  We’re excited to meet these challenges of gardening in the sub-arctic! We hit the month of March and despite a foot [...]